About Gulnara

Gulnara Sarigina

Full Member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists

My name is Gulnara. I am a professional massage therapist, providing healing and relaxing full body massage. I mainly concentrate on the muscles working with soft tissues.

The majority of employed people have a passive lifestyle nowadays. Sitting long hours in the office as well as driving on busy roads and getting stuck in traffics causes a huge amount of stress on our bodies, leaving us in physical pain. I Gulnara is a skilled massage therapist and can relax you with a therapeutic massage.

Skilled massage on the soft tissue of your sore and stiff body areas reduces our muscles and eases your daily stress working as a natural painkiller with no side effects. It is proven to help people relax both mentally and physically if a massage therapist is skilled and experienced.

During massage therapy, it is not necessary to show all the parts of your body, sensitive parts will be covered and you can specify which areas are in pain and where exactly you want me to concentrate the most.



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Massage Rooms